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Apple includes support for a huge number of generic GPUs in Mac OS X 10.6.7

An analysis of the version of Mac OS X 10.6.7 released for the MacBook Pro last week found support for a wave of AMD GPU models, unavailable on current Apple machines and far more than it is used to supporting. on any of your computers. According to the blog tonymacx86, ten new graphics card models were added, in the 5xxx and 6xxx series.

AMD brands / stamps graphics - Radeon

Both series are high-performance and intended for professional machines, ideal for Macs Pro and iMacs. But the quantity well beyond what Apple usually offers as a configuration even for these two lines, indicating that the company intends to offer them in a generic way in future desktops.

The initiative would increase the options for expanding Ma's future computers for specific needs, but even better news for those who build PCs with the intention of running Mac OS X. Knowing the supported models, the need to modify the system for use on machines generics decreases significantly.