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Apple hires carbon fiber specialist

This was a beautiful find from 9 to 5 Mac: Kevin Kenney has just become senior compound engineer at Apple. "That's good for him, but what's up?", You can ask. And from that Kenney has in his curriculum no less than 20 years of experience with the application of composite and advanced materials in consumer products, having just left Kestral Bicycles, where he worked building carbon fiber bikes.

Adhesive coated MacBook - carbon fiber (2006)

As we well know, Apple has several patents involving this material and it is worth mentioning that one of them had the participation of Kenney as a consultant. Does this mean that these inventions are close to getting off the ground? most likely it is.

Past rumors of iProducts made with carbon fiber seemed impossible, but from now on the arrival of gadgets of this type to stores should no longer be a matter of ?if?, but ?when?. Let the mockups and blurred images!