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Apple exceeds Rolex revenue and becomes the world's largest watch brand

When the smartwatches emerged, some believed that they would represent a great revolution; others thought that the new technology expression was not going to take off. Whatever (or has been) our opinion, it is certain that they attracted a lot of attention and achieved a good participation both in the world of technology and in the centennial watch industry.

In the specific case of Apple, we recently discovered that it is already considered the largest manufacturer of wearables of the world. Now, some data show that Ma is also the leader in the watch industry.

As reported by the Hypertextual (Google Translate), Apple sells more watches than the giant Rolex! Even though the exact number of Apple Watches sales was not revealed in the last fiscal quarter, Tim Cook said the company's ?wearable? category (which includes not only watches, but also Beats AirPods and headphones) could already be considered a company of the Fortune 500 which means that these products earn revenues of US $ 5.1 billion per year.

From that, the analyst Neil Cybart estimated what would be the possible sales figures from the second quarter of 2016 (Q2 2016) to find the closest possible value to the real, putting them in a graph:

  • Q2 2016: 1,800,000 units sold;
  • Q3 2016: 1,800,000 units sold;
  • Q4 2016: 5,400,000 units sold;
  • Q1 2017: 3,200,000 units sold.

Apple Watch Sales

Adding the last four quarters, we have the total of 12,200,000 units sold. Multiplying by the average price of the watch (US $ 430), we arrive at the value of $ 5.2 billion a year which would prove Cook's speech, just for the clock! It is true that the other devices in the category probably have a much lower billing than the Apple Watch, not to mention that Apple wireless headphones ?just? were launched.

After this analysis, it was concluded that ?no brand received so much money per year?. That, Ma surpassed even Rolex, which raises about $ 4.6 billion annually.

A confusion, however, cannot be made: branding is not the same as manufacturer. That's because the Swatch group, which turns and moves, has some friction with Apple, has superior sales, but divides into several brands such as Omega, Swatch, Rado, Certina, Longines, Tissot, etc.

it's incredible that one smartwatch has succeeded in overcoming (in sales) companies that were already established in the market for many years. However, the most amazing thing even though Apple managed to do this in just two years.

Rock, Apple! ?