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Apple demonstrates some of Siri's new integrations with third-party apps on iOS 10

Following the announcement at WWDC 2016 that Crab would be open to developers (and the consequent revelation that this openness would not be unrestricted) from the iOS 10, Apple was unusually quiet about the superpowers its assistant was about to gain.

Well, until now: after a demonstration for the Wall Street Journal last week, Ma published today on its website three pages showing some of the new Siri integrations that will be present initially in the new version of iOS.

Siri integration with the Monzo app

One dedicated to messaging and payment applications. With the integration with Square Cash and Monzo, it is possible to send money to your contacts only with the voice saying, for example, phrases like ?And, Siri, send Bruno 30 reais through Square? (completely hypothetical phrase, of course, a since we still don?t have these apps here in Brazil). The assistant asks to confirm the amount and contact, and in the case of Monzo, authenticate the transaction using Touch ID. Everything very simple.

Integration of Siri with WhatsApp

In the field of messages, Apple uses our good old WhatsApp for one of the demonstrations: just say, for example, ?And Siri, send 'I'm coming in 15 minutes' to Bruno via WhatsApp? and your message will be sent. Ma also shows the integration with LinkedIn, where it is possible to send messages in the same way.

On the other page, the shopping, fashion and image editing applications are displayed. Integrations with Pinterest (?Find pins on menswear on Pinterest ?), Vogue Runway, LookLive (? Show what Drake was wearing on the night of the MTV Music Awards on Looklive ?) and Pikazo (? Show photos of my daughter in the style of Monet at Pikazo ?) examples chosen by Ma.

They are all very interesting news, but the best of all is just the beginning: with the Siri SDK, many developers will be able to integrate their applications with the assistant and create increasingly cool interactions. At least we hope so, right?