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Apple creates a GIF channel on GIPHY to promote Apple Music

, my friends. Apple has changed.

Who would have thought that one day we will be here writing a story about the company opening a GIF channel on GIPHY to promote the Apple Music, huh! For exactly what we are doing.

Wake up your friends. We have GIFs from the #BehindTheAlbum trailer, from @Harry_Styles. @GIPHY

Taking advantage of the release of the documentary Behind The Album, from English singer Harry Styles who will debut on the streaming from Apple on May 15, Apple reported unpretentiously on Twitter that it now has a repository on GIPHY for you to share several GIFs around. In total there are today 85 animations that obviously help to promote Ma's service while you have fun spreading them on interwebs.

When browsing there, you will find GIFs by artists such as Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Drake, DJ Khaled, Ray Liotta, etc.

Is this the most valuable company in the world trying to be a little younger, or am I really too old ?

(via 9to5Mac)