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Apple announces $ 1 billion investment to expand its data center in Reno, Nevada

At the beginning of the week, there were some rumors about the Apple to be planning another expansion in its data center in the US state of Nevada the company would be just waiting for the consent of the city of Reno. Today, with the official approval of the City Council, Apple announced that investing $ 1 billion in this expansion, as reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Much of the value will be used to expand the capacity of one of its data centers, but the company also plans to invest US $ 4 million in one location to store its products, which will reduce taxes paid to 0.5%. This deposit is between Evans Avenue and Fifth Street in Reno.

This decision generates ?hundreds of jobs in its construction and operation?, as stated by Mike Foulkes, Apple's director of state and government affairs.

The current data center already has 14 buildings, spread over more than 125 thousand square meters. The center is responsible for Apple's cloud services, such as iCloud, iTunes and the App Store. For now, it remains unclear exactly what changes will be made with this $ 1 billion, but it is certain that the size and area of ??this data center in Reno will grow.

In addition to this confirmation, there are still rumors that another data center, this one in Arizona, also has its capacity increased, but there is no more information regarding this.

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