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Apple acquires another artificial intelligence company, for about $ 200 million

THE Fortune it's the TechCrunch today released Apple's newest multi-million dollar acquisition. It was the startup Lattice Data, specialized in ?black / obscure data? that is, focused on artificial intelligence.

As you put the CIO in this 2014 article:

Gartner defines dark data as information assets that companies collect, process and store during their regular activities, but which these companies often fail to use for other purposes (for example, for analysis, business relationships and direct monetization).

Sources indicate that the deal would have closed in $ 175-200 million, a few weeks ago. Apple confirmed the acquisition, but did not value it and, for a change, did not comment on its purposes / plans.

Lattice was co-founded by two professors of Computer Science: Chris Re, who teaches at Stanford University; and Michael Cafarella, from the University of Michigan. In addition, about 20 engineers would now be working in Cupertino.