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Angela Ahrendts and Bruce Sewell each sell more than $ 10 million in Apple shares

As usual, it appeared yesterday (8/5) in documents of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plus some stock transactions made by Apple executives. This time, whoever made the moves were Angela Ahrendts (senior vice president of retail) and Bruce Sewell (senior vice president and general counsel for Apple).

The document referring to Ahrendts shows that she executed several transactions between the period of May 4 to 8, with prices ranging from US $ 145.84 to US $ 150.89. The total raised by the executive was almost US $ 11 million. It still holds 103,116 thousand in shares, which represents about US $ 15.8 million.

The Sewell document shows a large sale of 67,500 shares, passed on for between $ 148.59 and $ 148.89. The total raised by the executive was just over US $ 10 million. It still holds about 141,345 in stocks, which are worth ~ $ 21.6 million.

Working in a company as big, famous and charged as Apple is not easy; there is intense pressure on all sides. However, the effort expended by high-level executives certainly has its reward.

(via AppleInsider)