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Anatel approves the Wi-Fi version of the “new” 9.7-inch iPad [atualizado: Wi-Fi + Cellular também]

Announced at the end of March, the ?new? 9.7-inch iPad started to be sold in the United States and in several other countries a few days later but Apple had already said that he s would arrive in Brazil in May.

We are in May and, from yesterday to today, painted on the system of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) the approval of the Wi-Fi version of this new iPad, identified by the A1822 model. The release of the Wi-Fi + Cellular version also needs to appear, but that should happen very soon.

New 9.7-inch iPads

While both versions are not released, all models are listed as unavailable on the Apple Brazil website, but with the prices listed since the original announcement. They range from R $ 2,500 for the 32GB Wi-Fi version to R $ 3,700 for the 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular.

Be sure to check out our article that details the features of this iPad in comparison to others.

Update · 05/11/2017 s 08:34

And the approval of the Wi-Fi + Cellular model, A1823, has also come out:

Approval of the new iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular (Anatel)

Now with Apple. Sales must be released at any time.