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Analyst predicts iPad 3 and iPhone 5 released together in late 2011

Although few believe that we will see a new iPhone in the middle of the year, Apple's long-term release predictions have already started to be overstated. According to an analyst at Avian Securities, we will not only see a new model of the smartphone in late 2011, but also a third generation of the iPad, whose plans would have already been sent to component manufacturers in Asia.

iPad 2 with folded Smart Covers

For Matthew Bryson, we will see the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 released simultaneously as part of an Apple initiative to promote an iOS version with more connected cloud services.

The idea of ??simultaneous launches may even be a good one, since it would allow a better distribution of news common to both devices, especially in terms of hardware. However, Apple can have serious problems if it tries something like this, especially with the limitations in obtaining components: it already consumes certain types of parts at an absurd rate (especially NAND flash memories) and, considering that it is complicated to ensure the supply of them for the iPad 2, the difficulties would be even greater with a smartphone and a tablet being announced at the same time.