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Analyst believes that Sony's idea of ​​supplying cameras to Apple is “silly”

cone - cameraIn the face of recent statements made by Howard Stringer during an interview with Walt Mossberg, much has been said about the possibility of Sony being the supplier of image sensors for the iPad 2 or iPhone 5, taking the position that today of OmniVision. For Yair Reiner, from Oppenheimer & Co., this story is just a misinterpretation.

?A more accurate examination of the article Wall Street Journal) that started the conjectures suggests that Stringer meant just the opposite, that is, the notion of (a partnership between Apple and Sony) would be a bit silly, ?said the analyst. ?Based on our field of independent work, we continue to strongly believe that OmniVision has won the position of supplier of image sensors on the next iPhone.?

Despite the executive's phrase ?Why would I make the best cameras for Apple?? it can be interpreted as a retractive statement, it is interesting to note that in other moments of the interview he mentioned Ma's gadgets explicitly.

(via AppleInsider)