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Analyst believes Apple's HDTV is on its way; release forecast is for the end of 2011

In the past few years, we have heard of several speculations about Apple working on TV construction, as a way to seek the attention that the current Apple TV has not won as set-top box in the entertainment market. The device sells well, but not enough for its manufacturer to become a reference in the living room.

Netflix on Apple TV

However, things should change much more than expected for this year after all, the Apple TV as we know it can already be different with access to the complete iTunes Store catalog via streaming by subscription. According to an analyst at Ticonderoga Securities, Steve Jobs' day would be working on a full-size TV set for sale at Christmas, so that Ma's entry into the multibillion-dollar TV industry is "right" at events in Asia.

The introduction of an iTV would solve many of the problems that Apple faces in making its set-top box popular. The public's opinion on this type of device has always been underestimated (does anyone remember Google TV? :-P), as there is no way to position this category of gadgets as a substitute for subscription TV, nor to operate in multiple markets. With an HDTV, things get easier, but Ma must work on a good combination of price and resources to captivate users.

(via AppleInsider)