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An open letter to the device created specifically for Siri

expensive "Apple-device-created-specifically-for-Siri-in-style-Echo-and-Home" (or whatever your name is),

I waited for you for a long time. It was a lonely wait. In that time, his archenemies appeared with impressive speed. The prediction that Amazon dominate 70% of the voice-controlled devices market by 2017. Are you going to let that happen, huh?

But it doesn't matter much. Like you, your brothers and cousins ??did not appear first, either. But when they came, they messed up! Apparently, you are almost done (and could appear at WWDC 2017). Use and abuse last mover advantage.

this is what i hope, dear friend. I want a beautiful design that makes you want to lick, as your father said. I want a sound system that will make my ears melt. I want you to have a perfect integration with FaceTime, O Apple Music, the app Home (Home) and the Apple TV.

I don't want me to miss anything. I don't accept anything half-assed!

Ah, I want a screen too. No screen, nothing done. You have an asset in your hand: FaceTime. Hundreds of millions of people use FaceTime. Not taking advantage of that would be bullshit.

I want you to be more open. My wish is that you release an API for all developers to create applications that integrate seamlessly with your operating system. I want to reply to messages on WhastApp, Slack and Skype. Do it on the first day of your life!

Apparently, there are even people playing Apple employees who are already testing you at home. What a privilege!

I don't know when you're going to show up. But we are waiting for you.

Come soon!

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P.S .: What gender do you identify with?