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Acer CEO resigns amid discussions about future competition with Apple

In the computer market, Acer is the first rival to Apple, which came very close to exceeding its total desktops and notebooks sold at the end of last year. The merit of Ma's approach to the Taiwanese company, however, is not only given in relation to the success of the Mac: between October and December 2010, Acer fell 28.5% compared to the fourth quarter of 2009, a statistic that served catalyst for the organizational crisis revealed this week.

Acer Gianfranco LanciGianfranco Lanci made Acer achieve excellent results in the PC market

That crisis led yesterday to the dismissal of Gianfranco Lanci, who has been in the post of CEO of Acer for the past six years. Among those responsible for making decisions at the company, Lanci had disagreements regarding his future plan, which underwent changes regarding the success of smartphones and tablets. According to the DigiTimes The biggest impact came from Apple itself, which, despite still remaining behind in the sale of Macs, managed to create two large parallel businesses with the iPhone and the iPad and this can now be characterized as a personal computer.

In the reorganization proposed by most of Acer's directors, it will be necessary to invest in research and development to foster projects in the mobile segment, instead of just focusing on the PC market. Just as Apple increased its value outside of it, The executives of the Taiwanese company also believe that the initiative is the best one to be taken.

Lanci's resignation was just one more that would have been caused by Apple's success among tech giants. In September, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo left his chair at the presidency of Nokia, which recently announced a total restructuring of its business based on Windows Phone 7. At the same time, Nam Young abandoned the same post in front of LG, which he said he was unable to defend your business competitiveness with Steve Jobs' gang.