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According to analyst, Apple is controlling 60% of the production of touch screens

With the demand for the iPad 2 on the rise, studies already claim that Apple is hurting rivals by obtaining components in volume, aiming to stabilize the production of the device. According to Rajesh Ghai, an analyst at ThinkEquity, about 60% of the global production of touch screens is committed to the manufacture of iGadgets.

Although the costs of some companies in Asia have increased with recent events in Japan, Apple is managing to cope with the adjustments very well. Rajesh says that Ma's partner in the manufacture of its products, Foxconn, is not experiencing problems supplies at the moment.

However, the analyst says other contracts with manufacturers have been signed, in addition to the billion dollar deals that have been revealed in recent months. Apparently, they are preventing other companies from getting what they need to produce tablets at the same pace as the Cupertino firm.