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$ AAPL opens the week up sharply and Apple's market cap hits $ 800 billion during NASDAQ trading [atualizado]

If Apple's stock closed last week very well, I hardly know how to explain the beginning of it.

THE $ AAPL fired today 2.72% and closed the day quoted at a historic record value of $ 153.01, with Apple's market value now estimated at $ 797.77 billion.

However, during the NASDAQ price, the papers reached US $ 153.70, that is, the market cap Apple at some point in the day hit no less than $ 803.37 billion.

Monday's excellent performance was spurred on by Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White, who set a new target price of $ 202 for $ AAPL with purchase rating. If it reaches this value, have more than $ 1 rail in market value.

Apple has never been better as a company.

Update · 05/09/2017 s 17:36

Another day, another 0.64% hike today. A $ AAPL closed on Tuesday (9/5) quoted at $ 153.99, new historical record that officially takes Apple's market value to $ 802.88 billion.

Today's NASDAQ nail tip was also a record, of course: $ 154.88.