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A rare (and untouched) Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh appears on sale on eBay

To celebrate Apple's 20 years, in 1997 a special computer was launched, designed by Jony Ive, which became known as TAM, or Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. Only 12,000 units were produced and they were only offered for sale in the United States, Japan, France, Germany and the United Kingdom for a trifle of $ 7,500 despite their low popularity having brought the price down below $ 2,000 over time. .

In any case, this was a remarkable machine for the Mother's story, now one of them can be yours: a unit in the box is on sale on eBay, never used.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in the box

The only time the components of this TAM saw the light of day was to verify that they were there and only to infer the age of this relic by the enlarged original batteries of the remote control. The lucky buyer of this machine will take home a computer with a 250MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 32MB of RAM, 2GB of HDD, 12.1-inch LCD display and ATI 3D Rage II GPU with 2MB of VRAM capable of displaying 16 bits of color at 800 × 600 or 640 × 480 pixels. In order to keep this Macintosh's pristine character, it was offered without any guarantee and nothing was touched, not even to test if it still works.

If you are interested in finishing off this little piece of history of Ma, the bids are currently in the $ 1,205 range. Maybe we replay a post from 2008 and do something like ?Opening a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in 2011?

(via Electronist)