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8 creative ways to use your old phone

That old cell phone that you have stopped at home can be the solution to some problems of your life

The smartphone market never stops: it seems that every month there is a new device being launched, and always bringing some new technology. Mobile phones with foldable screen, 5G internet, batteries that recharge in a few minutes … the availability of devices so great that, many times, people feel compelled to change cell phones even if the device they use is still working. And an impasse is created: what to do with the old cell phone when buying a new one?

Even if he's a little old, it's a shame to just throw a smartphone that still works in the trash – mainly because they can still be used for other functions. So, here are some options for what to do with your old device.

Turn it into universal control

old cell phone as remote controlYou can use your old cell phone in a kind of universal control for the whole house

With each passing year, technology becomes increasingly smart, with TVs, refrigerators, lamps, sound systems and virtually any part of the house connecting to the internet and interacting with each other to facilitate users' daily lives. But one thing that is not very smart is the way we control this technology: if these devices do not have well-configured speech recognition (and, in the case of the Portuguese language, many brands still do not work with the recognition of commands in our native language), it can be a little tricky to have quick access to all the technologies in the home.

This can be easily circumvented by turning an old phone into a kind of universal control, leaving installed all necessary apps to connect to the devices in the house – and only these apps and no other apps, as this will allow you to quickly find the right program for each situation. So, everything you need to control in your home through an app (you can use an app like iRule to control different devices, from the power of the lights, your sound system or even choose what to watch on TV) It is made by a single device and without having to worry about occupying the memory of your main smartphone with these apps.

Make good use of the camera

8 creative ways to use your old phoneAn old cell phone can become a security camera or baby monitor

Even if you no longer use your old cell phone to make calls or browse the internet, there is a good chance that it will have a working camera, and it can be very useful in many situations.

One is to turn the device into a security camera. All you need to do is install a monitoring application on it (the Alfred a good free example, which can be found for both Android and iOS), and then leave your old device running with the app to record everything that is happening.

You can leave your cell phone either indoors (for example, to monitor whether your dog is destroying the house while you work) or outdoors (to film the movement that happens at the entrance to your house, for example), and the app even allows that you not only save the images and send them to servers in the cloud, but also to access the image of the live cameras at any time.

Another possibility is also to transform your unused device into a baby monitor, since in addition to the live transmission of images, the app also has the option of bidirectional audio, allowing you to not only listen when your baby starts to cry but also talk to him. through the cell phone to try to calm him down.

Turn your phone into a portable video game

8 creative ways to use your old phone You can turn your old phone into a portable video game (Image: Reproduction)

Even if your old cell phone isn't exactly the most powerful, it can be a very useful device for those who like an old video game. An interesting option for this is the use of Smartboy Mobile Device gives Hyperkin, an adapter that turns your phone into a true Game Boy – even by rotating the original cartridges for the Nintendo device. The accessory can be found for sale on the internet for around R $ 300, being an option mainly for collectors (not least because you need to own Nintendo cartridges to be able to play).

But, if you don?t want to spend that much (or even don?t want to spend anything) there?s a plethora of free old console emulators that you can find in stores like Play Store and the App Store, and allow you to play games that marked your childhood on your cell phone. In addition, Sega has a whole line of classic Mega Drive and Master System available for free to smartphones, and which has titles like Sonic 2, Golden Ax and Phantasy Star that run without lags even on older smartphones.

Turn your phone into a Google Home

8 creative ways to use your old phoneInstead of buying new equipment, you can turn your old phone into an assistant

If the old smartphone is an Android, it is very simple to turn it into a homemade Google Home device. All you need to do is ensure that the device you want to use has the latest Android update (so that it recognizes the OK Google voice command) and then get a Bluetooth box – it can be one of the simplest ones, the type that the camel sells right on the beach.

With both in hand, and just keep your old cell phone paired via Bluetooth with the box and – voil! – You will have a Google Home device at home that has all the same functions as the Google device, but with an extremely low one (and that may even have been free if you also already have an unused Bluetooth speaker at home).

Use as MP3 Player

8 creative ways to use your old phoneUnused cell phones can be great music players

Anyone who is always on public transport knows two things: that you cannot depend on the internet to access your music (especially if you need to take the metro) and that leaving your playlists saved on the phone consumes a lot of memory. So why not just leave your old device for that?

Instead of weighing the memory of your main smartphone, you can turn your old phone into a kind of mp3 player, leaving installed only the applications you use to access your music and podcasts, such as Spotify or the Deezer. In addition to freeing up space on your main device, you may be able to save even more music than before, as all memory will be dedicated to storing music and podcasts, without having to share space with social media apps, games, photos and videos. And best of all, you will never again have your favorite music interrupted in the best part because a telemarketing robot is calling you to offer you a new data plan.

Turn your old phone into a wireless mouse

8 creative ways to use your old phoneDepending on the situation, turning your old phone into a mouse can help a lot

This is a good tip for journalists, designers and any professional who turns and moves needs to work with a notebook away from home: s download a wireless mouse app on your old device (the Remote Mouse It is a good free option, and it is available for both Android and iOS), ensure that the device and the computer are connected on the same network, and that's it! You already have a wireless mouse ready to use anywhere.

One of the advantages of this technique is that you can leave your phone in your purse or backpack and always use it when you forget to get a real mouse before leaving home. In addition, it is not necessary to use batteries, and even if the battery runs out in the middle of use, just connect it to a source and continue with the work.

Play football with friends

8 creative ways to use your old phoneGiving a nice poke on that old cell phone that just made you angry is a great therapy

One possibility that we haven?t raised here yet is that you?ve been so angry with your old device that you don?t want to use it for anything else. Maybe he is already in a deplorable state, taking five minutes to call and enter the home screen, crashing whenever he tries to open any app, and with the screen already cracked, and you just didn?t change devices anymore because there was no means ( $$$).

In that case, it's a good way to take out all the anger you have at your old phone by calling a few close friends to play some football – and use your cell phone as a ball. The rule does not matter: goal by goal, three touches, leg-to-butt, whatever. What really counts is that there is something therapeutic about kicking a device that has left you hanging around for so long.

Make the correct disposal

8 creative ways to use your old phoneThrow your old phone in the correct trash to prevent it from polluting the environment

But if even with all the options presented you find that your old cell phone is so up to date that it really does not serve anything more than to go to waste, it is important that this disposal is done in the correct way, and that in no way you throw the device in the ordinary trash.

This is because these devices have in their components a series of elements (such as lead) that are extremely toxic to the environment, and throwing this equipment in the common garbage can pollute the soil and the sheets of water in an almost irreversible way.

So, if you are really going to throw a cell phone in the trash, first contact the manufacturer's Customer Service to find out where the correct disposal of electronics is closest to your home. Normally, authorized resellers and technical assistance usually receive older cell phones to dispose of properly, but in some cities it is possible to find special waste dumps for electronics in places with a high concentration of public, such as supermarkets, banks and universities. When in doubt, it is always legal to contact the manufacturer and ask where the nearest disposal site is, so that you do not run the risk of missing a trip.

Source: CNet, eCycle