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3D printing of Portuguese startup is at the service of hospitals in the fight against coronavirus

The Portuguese startup Fan3D, dedicated to 3D printing solutions, decided to act in the fight against the coronavirus and made medical printing technology available to medical institutions for whatever is necessary. According to Frederica Teixeira de Abreu, the company's representative, the Setbal Hospital is receiving help, namely 3D printed visors for doctors' facial protection.

Last weekend, the startup sent 30 visors to the hospital, looking to scale production to deliver as much equipment as possible. According to the source, the results are positive. The company will now start delivering several other parts to different hospitals, leaving help available to any institution that needs them.

The initiative arose from contact with the Setbal hospital, which lacked visors, which were delivered immediately. The 3D printed connected community made itself available to supply the raw material for the prints, namely ABS filament.

3D technology has relieved some of the suffocation felt by the lack of medical materials and equipment. In Italy, for example, a hospital started using valves for the masks produced on 3D printers.