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23-year-old Carioca will teach at the new iOS App Development Center in Italy

In mid-January this year, Apple announced the opening of its first IOS App Development Center in Europe more precisely in the city of Naples, Italy. In July, the company confirmed that the project would open in October.

Luisa Ronchi

Now, we received another nice news about this Center: a 23 year old carioca, the Luisa Ronchi, is embarking today for Italy as she was the only Brazilian, among 15 candidates (considering all, there were 150), selected to teach classes there.

Researcher at the Software Engineering Laboratory (LES), which is linked to the Computer Science Department of the PUC-Rio Scientific Technical Center (CTC / PUC-Rio), Luisa does not speak Italian and has never taught, but believes that her participation since 2014 in the first class of the training program for iOS development at PUC-Rio made all the difference in the selection process. She was also part of Middle School in the United States and has a Portuguese degree.

I graduated last year in Administration at PUC-Rio and my learning here completely changed my professional world, says Luisa. I can only gain by exploring new environments, new experiences and being part of what is most advanced in terms of teaching in the area of ??new businesses in the digital world.

Luisa worked for ten months at Universit degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, teaching in the marketing consulting area (Business and Marketing Consultant). His three-week training starts tomorrow (12/9) and classes will start from October.

Come on, Luisa! ?