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10 architecture apps to make plans

If you work with house planning, be it interior, exterior design or even building it, you can take advantage of the best architecture apps, with options to make plants, measure the sun, decorate the pieces and much more .

If you are interested in apps with these functions, keep reading our article and find out everything you need to know!

1. magicplan

The first of the architectural apps for making plants on our list is magicplan, an app that is free. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay to have access to his plants. You can choose the monthly subscription, to have access to all of them, or buy each one individually.

Through it, you can view 3D space, generate complete job estimates, add product price lists, tasks to do and more. All of this makes it ideal for real estate agents, artisans, fitters, firefighters, architects and many other types of people. It is available for iOS through the App Store and for Android through the Play Store.


2. Houzz

This is one of the best options of architecture applications for those who want to design house plans and also decorate them. At Houzz, you can find more than 20 million photos of the interior and exterior of houses, being able to filter by style, location or part of the house.

It has a draft feature, so you can draw directly on photos. It allows sharing content with your friends and even with industry professionals, and you can also post on social networks.

In it, you will find millions of products and materials to build your ideal home, also using the functionality of"Visual Combination" to find furniture that fits the picture perfectly. You can also use the?View in My Room 3D? to visualize the furniture in augmented reality in its parts.

Through it, it is possible to hire highly qualified professionals in the field, to do everything necessary. If you want to use it, go to the official website, where you can also download it for Android or iOS.

3. AutoCAD

This is one of the best options of architectural applications for making plans, allowing you to view and edit files in DWG format completely. With it, you can manage measurements, layers, objects and freehand tools, and you can also work on the drawings offline.

AutoCAD works with your GPS, showing you exactly where, inside the plant, you are and allows you to share your creations in different formats. If you are interested, go to the App Store or Play Store.

4. Roomle 3D & AR Planning

Roomle is another alternative among architecture applications. Through it, you can plan environments, furniture and decorations. You can even see all the furniture in 3D, using augmented reality on your smartphone.

It allows the creation of floor plans, with a precise simulation of the dimensions of the rooms and environments in question. It also lets its users buy all the items they want, through a network of business partners. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Roomle architecture apps

5. 5D Planner

Planner 5D is another of the best options for architectural applications, allowing you to create floor plans and designs for multi-storey houses and apartments. You can choose any decoration, such as wallpaper, finishes, doors, windows and all the smallest details.

With it, you can create your dream home and share images with anyone you want on social media. It has compatibility with Google Cardboard, a virtual reality device that allows you to walk around your house and see its final decoration.

If you are interested in using it, follow the link at the official page, where you can download it for Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS. If you prefer, you can use the web version in your favorite browser.

6.Home 3D Design

Home Design 3D has as its main feature the internal decoration of your home. You can create a plan based on the purpose of the residence (family home, loft, country house, luxury mansion and more), drawing up the sketch and leaving the project exactly as you wish.

You can also see everything in 3D to be able to see the result even better. It has almost two thousand different items to add your home and allows you to create digital furniture. It is available for Android, iOS and computers in general; see more through the link.

7. RoomScan Pro

RoomScan Pro is one of the best architecture applications, which allows the creation of virtual floor plans from scanning environments. He uses his iPhone's internal sensors to measure the distance between the walls and the total size of his home.

It also allows the external scanning of buildings, backyards and gardens, also using the smartphone camera. It is available exclusively through the App Store on iOS devices. It also features a premium annual payment version, which allows for export in a wide range of other formats and more.

RoomScan architecture apps

8. CAD Touch

CAD Touch is a completely free app, which allows you to quickly edit your plants, when you notice an error in the middle of work. It also allows the creation and editing of drawings and plans, helps in the calculation of spaces and allows the sending of the result by email.

It has an extremely simple interface, ensuring ease of use for all users, it has excellent accuracy and flexibility and a really large amount of editing tools. It is available exclusively for iOS through the App Store.

9. Sun Seeker

One of the best options for architectural applications is the Sun Seeker, which aims to identify how sunlight will hit the ground throughout the day, in any season. Use your smartphone's GPS and camera to determine the position of the Sun.

From this, it is possible to make better and better informed decisions about the layout of all environments, so that each receives the ideal amount of light. If you want to see more, go to the official website, where you can download for Android, iOS or macOS.

10. Homestyler Interior Design

We have reached the end of our list of the best architecture apps with Homestyler, one of the ideal ones for the interior decoration of your home. It has simulation of furniture and various decoration products to help you choose what looks best on each piece.

All you need to do is take a photo of the piece in question and, using the virtual fitting room, you can test the colors of the walls, furniture, items and much more. You can also find decorating tips and trends. Go to the official page to see more.

Homestyler architecture apps

And, what did you think of our list of the best architecture apps?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them or if you prefer any other that is not included here. If you want, also say what you intend to use them for, if only for planning your home or part of your work. Be sure to also check out our other list of the best apps for architects!