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White iPhone 4 camera and proximity sensor would be different from the black model

Apparently, it?s not just the color and thickness that the white iPhone 4 differs from its older black brother: num teardown made by a ?smartphone doctor? (1, 2) and highlighted by Mac (Google Translate), it was discovered that both its rear camera and its proximity sensor would be different from what we have seen so far.

Comparison of white and black iPhone cameras

Supposedly, the camera of the new iPhone would be a little further back than usual, according to the AppleInsider. Despite the claim, it is somewhat difficult to know exactly the nature of the difference both in the above comparison (is the white iPhone camera left or right?) And in photos of the teardown made by iFixit last year, like this one. The most striking difference is the absence of a perforated part over the lens, but supposedly the amount of light that passes through one of them is greater.

The proximity sensor would have a more subtle difference, which is difficult to detect even with the iFixit photo.

White iPhone 4 proximity sensor

Whether they are different or not, I'm not sure, but a developer would have received confirmation from Phil Schiller via DM (Direct Message) on Twitter that the white iPhone 4 would be nothing thicker than black and, to top it off, a recommendation to ?don?t believe all the garbage you read?.

Phil Schiller's tweet about white iPhone 4

Ouch. These are harsh words, but the 9 to 5 Mac account that they would have actually left Schiller?s Twitter account. We need more calipers!