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Video: Angela Ahrendts talks to LinkedIn about “Today at Apple”, employee retention and store renovation

This week of debut of the experience Today at Apple, senior vice president of retail Angela Ahrendts granted an interview to LinkedIn which complements another one highlighted here on the site recently.

The executive was asked how she achieves an employee retention rate so large that, according to her, 88% among full-time employees in the United States. Ahrendts explains that it all started with a new policy of constant connection between her and Apple's 67,000 retail employees around the world, with a constant exchange of ideas and practical execution.

In addition, she said that store employees are treated and valued in the same way as Apple consumers as a whole. For example, satisfaction surveys are carried out periodically among them that even involve questions such as "How likely are you to recommend your job to a relative / friend?", Which helps to plot successful metrics.

Ahrendts is very happy with the start of Today at Apple, which had its key turned over night in more than 400 stores. Only those that will be fully renewed soon have not yet entered.

Speaking of renovation, Ahrendts revealed that more than 100 of the nearly 500 Apple stores are already following the new standard created by her and designer Jony Ive. Apple continues to renovate existing ones in parallel with the opening of new ones, and many are relocated to spaces 2-3x larger than the originals after all, she recalls, half of American stores were opened before the first iPhone (see s).

The conversation was very cool. If you understand English well, click on play above and enjoy the video. ?

via AppleInsider