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Tip: Buy the 64GB iPhone SE now for less than the 32GB!

Good news for smartphone lovers with 4-inch screens!

Just yesterday we released a comparison of PROTESTE in which the iPhone 5s (launched in 2013, good to remember) came in first place among devices that cost up to R $ 1,500. The problem is that the iPhone 5s has been discontinued and, very soon, it will not be possible to find any more units for sale on the market. To the worshipers of a small screen, able to be handled with just one hand in a very comfortable way, only the iPhone SE As an option in the United States, the device led the ASCI smartphone satisfaction ranking. The problem: it starts at R $ 2,499.00.

In March, Apple doubled the capacities of iPhones SE, from 16GB and 64GB to 32GB and 128GB, respectively while maintaining the same prices. As always, the old capabilities simply evaporated from the company's online store; however, it is still possible to find these 16GB and 64GB models in practically all retail chains, but for a price not so inviting (the old values, which no longer make sense after Apple's attitude of doubling capacities). But that has now changed.

IPhone SE Case

As we can see in several online stores, the 16GB iPhone SEis now leaving for R $ 1,999.00, while the 64GB costs R $ 2,299.00 (prices that can be paid in up to 10x; view, stores still give a discount of ~ 10%).

And why is the news good? Now, you can buy a 64GB iPhone SE for less than a 32GB iPhone on the Apple website! And we are talking about the same device when Apple doubled their capacity in March, did not touch anything else on the device (everything else remains exactly the same).

If 16GB is enough for you, even better: now you can buy a great smartphone for less. that story that everyone wins: retailers and Apple, who get rid of these models once and for all, and customers, who can buy an iPhone for a "more inviting" price. ?

Remembering that, apart from the smaller screen, the iPhone SE has practically the exact specifications of the iPhone 6s. In other words, we are talking about a great device, be sure to check out our full review.