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Tim Cook talks about accessibility with three YouTubers

During this week, Apple's attention is focused on the World Awareness Day Accessibility, celebrated today (May 18th). Yesterday, we saw several super interesting videos about how people with special needs use the company's products. Now the very Tim Cook received three personalities from YouTube, at Apple headquarters, to talk specifically about accessibility; the videos were made available on each of their channels.

In this first video, the Apple CEO talked to James Rath, a young filmmaker who was born with low vision and has already told the story of how Apple saved his life.

When asked what accessibility brings to the company benefit, Cook explained that he considers accessibility a human right and that he never thought of it as something that necessarily has a financial return; Apple creates its products to improve everyone's lives, without exception.

In the second video, below, the interviewer cooker (at least in most of it). He talks to YouTuber deaf Rikki Poynter about its relationship with the accessibility features it uses on Ma?s devices (like captions).

Cook returned to the same points of the first video as it would be published on a different channel, emphasizing Apple's relationship with accessibility:

Apple is based on giving people the power to create things, to do things they couldn't do without these tools. And we have always seen accessibility as a human right. And so, just as human rights are for everyone, we want our products to be accessible to everyone. That's why it's a fundamental belief at Apple. We don't make products for a particular group of people; we make products for everyone.

We are convinced that everyone deserves equal opportunities and access. Therefore, we did not look at this thinking about a return, in terms of investment, I have been asked this before. The answer is, I never looked at that. We don't care about that.

In the last video, Cook talked to Tatiana Lee, a wheelchair-bound actress who also uses Ma products. They talked about the new Clips app, the Apple Watch and other things related to accessibility.

As usual, the Apple CEO shared his participation in the YouTubers on the bird's social network.

Thanks @JamesRath, @PintSzDiva and @RikkiPoynter for visiting Apple on #GAAD! great conversations about the importance of accessibility.

As Cook said in one of the interviews, there are many accessibility features that are so useful that we all use them without realizing that they fall into the ?accessibility? category. It is always very important for companies to pay attention to this, in fact, as he says, a human right. And if there is something that Apple has never stopped innovating and improving, at that point. ??

via MacRumors