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Thunderbolt could negatively affect the adoption of the USB 3.0 standard

cone - ThunderboltIntel is very busy with launching tools for manufacturers to start using Thunderbolt ports on a large scale, so industry experts predict the company's major focus on new technology this year. The success of the new MacBooks Pro equipped with the high-speed connector is giving more giant motivation to processors than USB 3.0, which should enter yourroadmap only in 2012.

Should Thunderbolt take off from the PC market once and for all, the DigiTimes believes that Intel could compromise the potential transition of the market to USB 3.0 in the coming years, giving space to devices based only on the new 10Gbps interface. The company's intention is to maintain a coexistence between the two standards, but its real purpose with this appears to be only a guarantee of the failure of one of them in the market.

There is no way of knowing yet if one of the interfaces will fail or if both will progress, but Thunderbolt is already seen as a great opportunity for Apple and Sony, companies that don't even talk about USB 3.0. The concept of the ?last cable we will need? appears to be the future for computers, mobile devices and accessories in general.