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Swift Playgrounds app for iPad is now available on the App Store

Along with all the news of the day, Apple also announced that its app for iPads is now available on the App Store Swift Playgrounds, aimed at teaching the basic precepts of programming language in a logical way to children and adults.

Swift Playgrounds app icon

The application presents itself as a kind of game, where "tasks" are passed on to the player with increasingly high levels of complexity. These tasks, of course, involve guiding characters and solving puzzles through the concepts of the Swift language, with commands, functions and variables. It is possible to write the code and see the result in real time, on the screen.

As Apple itself says, new tasks will be added regularly to the application, which in time will make it a powerful tool to teach people with no experience in the area and turn them into great developers.

To complement this, Swift Playgrounds offers a number of models (templates) so that users can create customized software and share it with their contacts. These creations can also be exported to Xcode to be transformed into complete applications for iOS or Mac.

Swift Playgrounds exclusive to iPads that support iOS 10 and is now available for free on the App Store.