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Steve Wozniak thinks Tesla, not Apple, will be the company that will bring the “next big thing”

The story of the Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, makes us stop to listen to him even if he does not agree 100% with his ideas. Even so, their experiences add weight when it comes to technology.

In a video interview, Bloomberg asked Woz about what he thought would be the next ?big news? in technology, which would create a break with what we know in the coming years.

Steve Wozniak

Anyone who expected him to pin his hopes on the company he co-founded would be disappointed. Woz stated that artificial intelligence and autonomous cars will be the highlights of the next generations. However, instead of citing Apple, Woz preferred to bet on Tesla.

When things come from yourself, knowing what you would love to have and being in control of it, when you get the best products.

For him, the electric car manufacturer is in the best direction now. ?They worked hard on very risky things. They started the Tesla Model S with a car, which made little sense in terms of engineering, considering the price it needs to cost and the size that the market would be. ?

As he emphasized, even though Tesla took a risk in producing this model, they managed to take a big step in innovation. For these and others, Woz put Apple in the bundle with other larger companies that are not so bold when trying to innovate: ?Look at companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, which have changed the world and Tesla too. They generally came from younger people; didn't come from big companies. ?

In addition to including Tesla as a large company, he mentioned that Elon Musk created something for himself and that ?when things come from yourself, knowing what you would love to have and being in control of it, when you get the best products ?.

The best sentence of the interview was the first: "The things we don't know, I don't know."Wozniak, Steve. ?

With these arguments, he believes that smaller companies tend to take more risks, creating the products they believe in, without making the decisions that need to be made an obstacle. Woz then said that Tesla would be ahead, even though other major manufacturers are also working on autonomous cars.

Perhaps Woz is right in thinking that autonomous vehicles are the next big thing for years to come. However, he did not consider the rumors we have seen about a car or autonomous vehicle system that Apple would be testing. Regardless of what we will see next, it seems that Ma's co-founder is not very confident in his young. wait and see, as always.

via 9to5Mac