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Silva Ltd bamboo cases for MacBooks Pro are friendly to the environment, but friendly

Many people today opt for environmentally friendly products, even to have that feeling of ?doing their part?. But how much is this really worth, when the price of the product ends up becoming even prohibitive?

I think this is the case for Silva Ltd products, which started to manufacture bamboo cases for 13 and 15 inch MacBooks Pro.

Case Silva Ltd for MacBook Pro

The quasi-suitcase appears to be very well finished and has a special construction process, protecting the machine internally with a wool coating while offering a different and cool look on the outside, rigid and resistant.

The problem, as we said, is the price: each goes for US $ 180, the equivalent of about R $ 285. Okay, there are much more expensive cases, but are these worth it?

Silva has already stated that he is also working on new models for MacBooks unibody 13 ? and 17 ? MacBooks Pro.

(via Gadget Lab)