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SanDisk and Toshiba are working on 19 nanometer memories – great for a small iPod

When two traditional companies in a sector decide to join forces to achieve a goal, the Physics must take care. SanDisk and Toshiba joined hands and managed to manufacture the smallest NAND flash memory modules in the world: using 19 nanometer processes, the duo's new monolithic chips hold up to 64 GB (or 8 GB) in two bits per cell.

SanDisk logo

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The first samples for manufacturers are due to be sent this month, but mass production should only start in the second half of the year. Combining 16 of these chips, it will be possible to create a 128GB SSD for smartphones or tablets, but it is most likely that this technology will be used primarily to cheapen 64GB / 32GB memories or create an iPod small 8GB.

Smaller and / or larger capacity gadgets, if possible, cheaper than today? You can bet as they are always welcome!

(via Engadget)