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Rumor: to make up for the end of Xserve, Apple prepares "simplified design" for new Mac Pro

The end of Xserve may have been poorly explained by Apple last year, but the 9 to 5 Mac believes that it should respond to this with the introduction of a new model of the Mac Pro, which will have its first redesign of construction in eight years. The rumor points to the existence of prototypes of the new workstation with smaller dimensions, capable of being mounted on 3U server racks.

Mac Pro - Mid 2010

In order to mount racks in these conditions, the new Mac Pro will be smaller in width (approximately 12-13 cm) and less than 50 cm in height. Within the new design, the computer must inherit features of the old Xserve (such as redundant power and a compact cooling system) and receive new features in the expansion of resources, including a new system for changing HDDs / SSDs with drawers that can receive up to two stacked units .

Such an initiative would optimize the internal space for expansion and accommodation of electronic components, including processors and video cards, in which Apple is not usually modest when it comes to Macs Pro. Even with a new design, the tower should not lose its height expandability for use as workstation, which currently can include up to two processors with six physical cores (12 logic) and four video cards.