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Rumor: iMacs with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports will arrive next week

The cycle is closing for iMacs: after doing the math, reading rumors in tweets and witnessing a supposed shortage in Ma's all-in-one computer stocks, sources from AppleInsider said the new desktops will arrive next week, more specifically on Tuesday, May 3.

One of the sources mentioned that in the early hours of the morning of that day there is a scheduled ?Visual night? in Retail Stores, occasion when the layout of products displayed in stores changed significantly. A type of change common in ?Visual nights? the exchange of equipment because of renovations.

New iMacs viewed from the front

The novelties of this update would be quite predictable: the adoption of second generation Core i chips, using the Sandy Bridge architecture, and the Mini DisplayPort will be adapted to function as a Thunderbolt port, that is, basically the same novelties that we saw in the new MacBooks Pro. moreover, it is very likely that new GPUs will be adopted.

Now, a little educated guess: the white iPhone 4 has been on the cover of since the eve of his arrival, so it doesn't seem unlikely that he will have this spotlight until Tuesday morning. That would give him practically a week in the spotlight, then give the space to the new iMacs. Makes sense, doesn't it?