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Rumor: Bozoma Saint John, top marketing executive, may leave Apple [atualizado 2x: confirmado!]

At Apple just over three years ago (since the purchase of Beats), today in the position of head of global consumer marketing (focusing on iTunes and Apple Music), Bozoma Saint John may be preparing to leave the company.

The information was just released by Axios, without giving too many details or mentioning a possible reason for this.

S this year, Saint John appeared in the Power 100 ranking, of Billboard, and also on the list of Most Powerful Women in Business, by BLACK ENTERPRISE.

If her departure is confirmed, not only would it be a loss for Apple in terms of the executive?s capabilities, as she is also important to the company as she is a rare female and black representative at her high scale (one below VP, basically), already having participated in keynotes.

For now, Apple did not comment on the rumor.

Update 06/06/2017 s 11:54

Not yet official, but today the TechCrunch corroborated the rumor by saying that Saint John is going to work at Uber curiously / ironically, a company is already heavily criticized for its internal culture.

Update II 06/06/2017 s 16:37

Now, officer. Uber confirmed Variety that Saint John is joining the company in the position of brand chief executive.

The moment, by the way, angry: Uber has just lay off 20 employees, the result of an investigation of sexual harassment involving at least 215 people.