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Recent updates on the App Store: Instagram, Periscope, Google, RAW Compatibility and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Instagram app icon

Now you can save your publication as a draft to review and share it later, mute a story by touching and holding the person's profile photo in the bar at the top of your feed, many bug fixes and improvements to improve and streamline the creation of stories.

Periscope app icon

Per popular demand, you can now tap twice to switch to the front camera before going live.

Google app icon

Search privately in incognito mode, watch YouTube videos directly on the search, improved compatibility with iOS 10 and performance improvements.

Google Photos app icon

Create and edit movies with a new advanced and intuitive editing experience, performance improvements.

Skype iPhone app icon

Use Siri commands to quickly start a Skype call, answer Skype calls on the lock screen (as if it were a regular phone call), store Skype contacts directly in the iPhone's internal contact list, pay by Skype Credit at shekels Israelis, invite friends to Skype directly from your contact list and more easily differentiate between your contacts and bots in the contact list.

Nike Run Club app icon

Ease of sharing on Facebook or Instagram, expanded support for VoiceOver languages, control via Siri on iOS 10, send iMessages with stickers Nike + Run and more.

Paper by Dropbox app icon

Added support to filter documents, permanently delete or restore archived documents, (de) follow documents and corrections for iOS 10.

MacID app icon

Fixes and enhancements for iOS 10, watchOS 3 and macOS Sierra.

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Late reminders are now more prominent in the widget Today, possibility to hide the calendar in the widget, visual improvements for iOS 10, among others.

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPad.

Readdle Calendars 5 app icon

Compatible with iOS 10 and Advanced Notifications quickly see detailed information of your events from the notifications.

Newton Mail - Email App app icon

It is now possible to define what is the default, Reply or Reply to All; personalized notification actions now work on iOS 10; bug fixes and stability improvements.

TV Time app icon: Follow Series & Movie

Activities are back renewed, now directly in your feed. Fixed widget for iOS 10.

Tapatalk app icon - 200,000+ Forums

Interface improvements, better control of feeds, easier to switch accounts, etc.

Flipboard app icon

Now compatible with iOS 10 and featuring the Flipboard widget: catch up on the latest Flipboard stories right from your screen.

Sorry, app not found.

Get ready for the Porquiwood Stadium: Part 2 this time, personal matter. Or something like this. Pigs are back with new low-budget interpretations of classic and expensive films.

Sorry, app not found.

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPad.

Plants vs. app icon Zombies ? 2

Get ready for a rich and exciting harvest in PvZ 2 with an abundance of updates, including: the bizarre Grandes Mioloz event invading big headed zombies, from September 29 to October 12; Chavesploso for the first time, all worlds can be unlocked and explored; greater challenges and risks with worlds in a new order; new plant premium extremely powerful, the Ma-mortar.

Oktoplus app icon -Control your points

Dashboard (when opening the app, view some indicators of your loyalty programs) and promotions (check out all the bonus promotions that are taking place and see how many points you would have when transferring them to the Cias Areas).


It recently came out RAW Compatibility Update for Digital Camera 6.21, adding support for the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and Pentax K-1 models on OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra.

Finally, Apple released the Windows Migration Assistant, new version of the software that helps PC users to migrate their data from Windows to Mac.