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Practical guide to defeating Apple with six clear focus areas

Lately Apple has been the preferred target of all electronics companies: whatever they do, they all try to match or surpass Ma. Not infrequently, however, to see so much energy being misdirected by the competition to take 3D photos, hi ?


Tired of seeing competition running in circles as Apple fires ahead, Jason Kottke has compiled a simple list of areas in which the Infinite Loop folks fall short. These are weaknesses that, if well covered, can really change the market. Briefly, they are the following:

  • Social. Just look at Ping to feel sorry to realize that Apple doesn?t dominate the concept of ?social networks? very well.
  • A cloud. MobileMe and its predecessors have tried to be relevant for years, but they have never been able to prove to be really necessary for a large part of the owners of iProducts.
  • iTunes. He became anything but Apple-like whether in design, features or innovation. Something better than iTunes can make all the difference in a competing product.
  • Steve Jobs. Apparently, iProducts that he uses the most are only the best (see Keynote), while the ones he uses least leave something to be desired (see the first two items above and the iOS alarm).

In addition, two seemingly weak points can elude many challengers and make them lose their way:

  • Price. With the iPad, Apple has shown that it knows how to be aggressive in this sector, so a competitor cannot think that it is simple to make products identical to those of Ma and still charges half the price. It may even be cheaper, but it will also to be It is cheap and I do not speak from a perspective only monetry.
  • Opening and secrets. In the feasible, it does not hang too far for any of the extremes: the ideal is to be open in what is advantageous and to close completely in the rest.

However, as is the case with all simple recommendation lists, these are quite complicated at the time of practice. At least nothing here is impossible to achieve: Google, for example, is one of the companies with the best services in the cloud and Facebook has managed to become a kind of omnipresent and essential entity in the life of almost the entire population of the United States.