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Pioneer's AppRadio appears on the FCC and makes us question whether Apple's lawyers are happy

O CrunchGear caught something very curious coming to the offices of the FCC (Anatel of the United States): the documentation of a vehicle audio system called "AppRadio" and, on occasion, referred to as "iPhone Control Receiver". The SPH-DA01, its official name, would have the following appearance, as mockup below:

Pioneer AppRadio

Even ignoring the cone designs (again, only one mockup!), is there still something very familiar about this interface: a gadget with a huge touchscreen (only 6 inches diagonal) and a small physical button at the bottom center? Home Screens with rows of cones? This definitely resembles an iPhone, and we've seen Apple create a case for a lot less!

Looking at the size of the equipment itself, however, eliminates any similarity, as it a little thicker than Ma's smartphone (whether black or white):

Pioneer AppRadio

Joking part, how will this device work? According to a source CrunchGear, it will be possible to connect an iPhone or iPod touch via USB, so that you can get contact information and music and maybe even apps! Due to the content of the documents sent by the FCC, it is also likely that Internet iGadget radio. In addition to the capacitive screen, a driver can use the steering wheel controls to control the functions of the AppRadio, which, despite not having an optical drive, has a microSD input, AM / FM radio, GPS and Bluetooth.

For those who don't have the courage to moddar your car with an iPad 2 on the dashboard and is a bit far from getting one of BMW's wonderful integrated systems, this solution from Pioneer can be perfect for making your vehicle a more connected environment.