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OWC diagnoses and partially resolves SATA 3.0 performance issue on 17 ″ MacBooks Pro

This is what I call efficiency: Other World Computing was full of gas to sell SSDs compatible with the SATA 3.0 port of the new MacBooks Pro, and to make sure that their product would be superb, it thoroughly tested its performance on all models from Apple's professional notebooks, which made her discover that 17-inch machines (and only them) had problems using these high-performance drives.

Experimenting here and there, the OWC ninjas have come up with a probable cause for this problem (which only affects SATA 3.0 drives, not factory ones, 2.0): the position of the battery indicator cable on the larger MacBooks Pro. it is only in them that this cable passes next to the SATA connector, so it is reasonable to imagine that it must play a role in the problems encountered.

Cable layout on 17-inch MacBook Pro - OWC

Solution? Shielding! To prevent a SATA 3.0 drive from having reduced performance or suffering from identification problems, OWC sells a shielding kit for the SATA cable for $ 10 and it costs only $ 3 if purchased with a high-performance drive from the company .

Only that it is not a definitive panacea for everyone: even with the shielding, certain MacBooks Pro still present part of the problem, a sign that some additional factor must be involved in this case. While more information does not come to light, just know that if your 17-inch machine has problems with SATA 3.0 SSDs, the OWC's shielding can at least alleviate the symptoms (in the sense of allowing a drive to be recognized, even if not with its maximum performance).

And, just to ratify, if your MacBook Pro is 13 or 15 inches, or a 17 inch with a SATA 2.0 drive (like the ones that come from the factory), you need not worry: everything will work smoothly.

I just wanted to know what Apple thinks of this whole story

(via MacRumors)