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One more captured! New 21.5 ″ iMac falls into the hands of iFixit [atualizado]

Not even 24 hours after its launch, the new iMac has already fallen into the hands of the folks at iFixit who opened a 21.5-inch model and showed us all their insides.

iMac at iFixit

On a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 refers to a product ?easy to repair? (which also has to do with the practicality of replacing / updating its components), the new iMac received a score of 7. The simplest, Of course, they are only RAM, hard disk and optical drive.

Much of the disassembly of the iMac was done with a T10 Torx wrench and suction cups mainly to suspend its LCD display (which, by the way, appears to be the same LED as the previous generation, manufactured by LG), as in iPhones / iPods touch. The Thunderbolt interface implemented by Apple also looks identical to that used in MacBooks Pro.

Check out all the photos and details of the process here.

Update (12:19 pm)

Here, another interesting discovery in these iMacs, highlighted by 9 to 5 Mac: the machines already use a new BD82Z68 controller, from Intel, which will only be released to everyone in a week, on May 11th. That is, Apple once again took advantage with its partner.

The cool thing is that when integrated into a new and future line of Intel SSDs, this controller can exploit the ?Smart Response Technology? technology, transforming the solid state drive into a super-fast cache area for HDDs. available on Tom?s Hardware and in Engadget.

In fact, both in the United States and in Brazil, the customized configuration of iMacs with SSDs (including hybrids) makes your estimate of the output of the warehouse jump to 4-6 weeks immediately. In other words, the machines will be delivered around mid-June.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will really exploit this possibility at first, already on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, or if they are only planning this for Lion.