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Of all the people in the world, Steve Jobs wanted Jeff Goldblum to be Apple's “official voice”

Oh, Jobs. Our beloved co-founder of Ma had many eccentricities there, but none of them compared to the habit of putting ideas that were somewhat unusual in his head and insisting on them until someone convinced him otherwise 47 times with authenticated evidence in 3 copies. Do you want proof of that? The legendary Apple CEO once decided that he wanted to give a unique ?voice? to Apple throughout his communication. And whose voice would it be? Good, obviously s could be from Jeff Goldblum.

It was the famous star of films such as "Jurassic Park" and "Independence Day" who released the information on the morning television Today Show in Australia:

Steve Jobs called me a few decades ago wanting me to be the voice of Apple. That was right at the beginning, and I didn't know it was Steve Jobs speaking.

These were all the information given by Jeff, but from his speech we can assume some details. Most likely, the contact occurred when Jobs was returning to Apple after his 12 years of exile certainly was not in his first phase at Apple, considering that Goldblum only gained wide notoriety in 1986, after starring in the film "The Fly" and this year the executive he was already far from Cupertino.

Jobs was almost certainly looking for some more strategy to unify Ma's image, as he did in all areas of the company's operations, and he wanted a ?unique voice? to appear in commercials, on Macs and on possible future products from company consistency, You know?

In fact, CNET who originally broadcast the news suggested that if the deal had moved on, we?ll most likely hear the smooth and sexy Goldblum's voice today as we hold the start button on our iPhones for a few moments: who knows, he might not be the human being to lend his vocal talents Siri, instead of Susan Bennett? It would be interesting to say the least.

The fact that, in this timeline we live in, Goldblum and Jobs' deal was never forward, and the actor ended up starring / narrating only a few commercials for the iMac G3, as we see below:

More than 20 years later, Goldblum still, besides feeling in the internet memes gringa, a successful actor with two blockbusters high caliber on the agenda for the coming years (?Thor: Ragnarok? and ?Jurassic World 2?). Apple, in turn, the most valuable company in the world.

, I think time has done both of them well.

via MacRumors