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Next generation of MacBooks Pro expected to come with revamped exterior design

First, a rumor about redesigned Macs Pro; now, it looks like Apple?s professional laptops will also get a new exterior look, according to reliable sources from MacRumors.

MacBook Pro aside

These machines were updated a long time ago, now with Thunderbolt ports, FaceTime HD cameras and new Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. But it seems that one more upgrade comes to, this time more significant.

The current look of MacBooks Pro (unibody) dates from the end of 2008. The MacRumors he did not specify when this new generation arrives, but considering that we have just completed two months that they have been updated, it is natural to imagine that this will only occur from the second half of this year. In my opinion, October is a good guess.

O iLounge he was the first to bet on this redesign, still in February, but at the time he said that the new MBPs will land in 2012.