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New faces at Apple: two augmented reality talent and a Canadian doctor (and YouTuber!)

You can open a space on the lunch tables of 1 Infinite Loop. In the last few days, news has emerged of three contracts by Apple that show what are the focuses or some of them, at least current and future in the projects of Ma, and what we can expect for the coming times in terms of news.

Two of the talents that land in the most fruitful part of the Silcio Valley are from the augmented reality by chance, or probably not, a segment highlighted as ?interesting? by Tim Cook in a recent interview.

The first one Zeyu Li, Chinese talent who spent the last year leading the engineering part of Magic Leap's vision. THE startup, for the unfamiliar, the developer of a device that has similarities with Microsoft's HoloLens, in the sense that it projects virtual objects in physical environments. Li arrives at Apple with the title of "Senior computer vision algorithm engineer" not bad, huh?

Oculus Rift

In addition to Li, also recently arrived (more precisely in June) in Cupertino Russian Yury Petrov, coming from Oculus, the recently acquired Facebook subsidiary responsible for the creation of the first mass virtual reality device, the Rift. So Petrov was a ?research scientist?, and this is also the name of the position the boy is taking at Apple.

Combining these contracts with the acquisitions of companies in the area such as Metaio and Faceshift, it is not risky to guess that Apple has very concrete plans in the area; unfortunately, it may still be a while before we find out, but patience.

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The third contract that surfaced recently has nothing to do with the previous two: the Canadian one Mike Evans, responsible for a YouTube channel called DocMikeEvans who give small medical classes and health tips to the population.

cone - HealthKit

Before you go out yelling ?Apple hired a YouTuber! ?, We explain: Evans, also, a respected doctor from Toronto and, in his videos, external inspires (but interesting) the opinion that apps should be? prescribed ?to patients in the same way as medicines, for example, a patient with pressure discharge would have a prescribed pressure monitoring application for these measurements to be made periodically, without the influence of the hospital environment.

Dr. Arthur S. Slutsky, vice president of St. Michael?s Hospital (where Evans works), stated that ?Dr. Mike can?t talk much about his new role other than the fact that he?s going to work on global innovations in the health and personal care business. ?

With the recently strengthened focus of Apple in the field, especially with the Apple Watch Series 2 and the acquisition of Gliimpse, it is natural that new talents from the area will come to the company. We hope that the fruits of this contract will grow quickly and be quite juicy.

(via AppleInsider, 9to5Mac)