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New 12.6MP sensor from OmniVision will hit the market in time to equip the next iPhone

OmniVision OV12825 sensor

OmniVision today unveiled its new sensor OV12825, intended for smartphones, capable of capturing images of 12.6 megapixels and recording videos in Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Its new technology allows you to capture images with 4224 × 3000 pixels at an amazing rate of 15 photos per second (very little for video, but great for consecutive quick shots), and it also has extra sensitivity in low light situations. It offers plenty of performance to perform image stabilization via pixel-shift.

According to OmniVision, batches of OV12825 are already available for testing, and mass production should begin before the end of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

With the ?postponement? of the iPhone 5 and its possible launch in September, these sensors could very well be present in the next generation of the Apple smartphone, but it is much more likely that it will adopt something more modest, of 8 megapixels without mentioning that there is that story involving Sony, however silly it sounds.

(via Electronist)