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Movie of the week: Buy “Greek Wedding 2”, with Nia Vardalos, for $ 3!

In addition to Free app of the week, every Thursday Apple chooses a Movie of the week, whose purchase is for $ 3. The title selected this time was Greek Wedding 2, with Nia Vardalos.

Check out his trailer:

Here's what Apple says about the movie:

In this sequence of the box office phenomenon "Greek Wedding", actress and screenwriter Nia Vardalos returns to tell the story of her Toula, who this time deals with her teenage daughter and a problem with her father's marriage. The comedy brings the elements that made the original so loved in 2002: embarrassing situations with the protagonist's crazy Greek family, realistic romance and original points of view about modern women.

As usual, our reader Renato Alan Promenzio (@tripalavra), who is a cardholder, also sent us a personalized comment about the film:

After the success of the first film in 2002, what followed was not as successful. There was a pilot, even a season of the Greek Wedding series with basically almost all of the original cast in 2003, but it was canceled after the low appeal and lack of audience. So, 13 years later, and motivated by their producers, Tom Hanks, the continuation got off the ground. The film is interesting, light and funny, however it no longer has the surprise factor, which is exactly the funny Greek family. For all intents and purposes, highly recommended.

Enjoy! ?

Movie - Greek Wedding 2

Greek Wedding 2

in Universal Pictures

Rating: 12 yearsGender: eatenRelease: 2016Duration: 1h34Size: 3.93 GB (Full HD) or 1.81 GB (SD)

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