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MacinCloud service allows you to “rent” a Mac virtually and access it via the cloud

Those who have never had a Mac can now "buy" one for virtually $ 20 a month. In summary, this is the idea of ??the MacinCloud service from Moboware Inc.

MacinCloud on Safari

Exploring the possibilities of cloud computing (cloud computing), MacinCloud allows users to rent Macs virtually and access them from anywhere, using RDP software (Remote Desktop Protocol) for Mac OS X, Windows, or even mobile devices, such as iPads and iPhones / iPods touch.

The uses of something like this are diverse, from users being able to access and familiarize themselves with Mac OS X before purchasing an Apple computer to enabling the development of apps for Mac OS X and iOS from PCs. Everything you need a good broadband connection, of at least 1Mbps.

MacinCloud has an access model trial free, for an hour, available in times of low movement. Hiring plans can be hourly ($ 1 / hour), weekly ($ 8 / week) or monthly ($ 20 / month), with the right to store your files on services like the super popular Dropbox. Too much, isn't it?

(big tip from Rafael Neri)