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Low stocks indicate new iMacs may be on the way

According to sources 9 to 5 Mac, iMac stocks are waning. A person in a large market outside the United States said that all models of the all-in-one desktop are compromised and with no forecast for the arrival of new units. Another source, in the USA, said that not only are the machines in low numbers, but the components (especially HDDs and processors) are disappearing. A third individual in Asia reported that stocks of 21.5-inch models are limited, and that the rest are close to that.

iMacs 2010

When an anonymous source shares confidential information, we have an unlikely rumor. When this is confirmed by a second independent source, we have a hot rumor. When three people in different countries pass on the same information, however, we have practically an official confirmation or else an trolling conspiracy of global proportions.

We already know that, counting the weeks, iMacs are ready for a small renovation (a speed bump, so to speak). There was even talk of them being renewed with MacBooks Pro, but information from Brian Tong, CNET, gave a probable date for the arrival of these new desktops and the Day D falls in the coming weeks.

So if you're getting ready to buy a new iMac, wait just a little while longer: Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt ports and perhaps more powerful graphics cards to reward your patience.