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Lexar Media launches Crucial m4 line of SSDs from 64GB to 512GB

Crucial m4 SSD

Lexar Media launched its Crucial line of m4 SSDs, which uses 25 nanometer NAND flash memory signed by Micron. Solid state drives promise an enviable performance in both reading and writing: only 415MB / s and 260MB / s, respectively. Such brands represent gains of 17% and 20% over Crucial RealSSD C300, its predecessor.

"These next generation m4 SSDs offer our customers high capacities and even greater performance at affordable prices," said Robert Wheadon, senior product manager at Lexar Media.

?Affordable?, but not exactly ?low?: a 64GB m4 drive costs US $ 130, with 128GB (US $ 250), 256GB (US $ 500) and 512GB (US $ 1,000) options. All are guaranteed for three years.

(via Macworld)