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Jimmy Iovine claims that Apple Music would have 400 million users if it offered a free version

a fact: the Apple Music still needs to face a very steep slope to reach the level of popularity of its main competitor, the Spotify. According to one of his bosses, however, the scenario is not so unfavorable for Ma's platform, not: Jimmy Iovine stated that the reason for the front of the Swedish service is mainly due to the fact that it offers a free version, something that Apple never considered doing although he believes that, if it existed, such an option would attract hundreds of millions of users to the service of Tim Cook and your class.

This and other intriguing statements are part of a long interview with the executive and music producer published by Music Business Worldwide from which we reproduce the most important passages below.

Jimmy IovineJimmy Iovine, Apple Music CEO

The interview begins with a passage recalling the context in which Iovine is inserted: originally, he was a sound engineer in New York who started working, at age 21, with no one less than John Lennon. Throughout the early years of his career, Iovine collaborated with artists such as Harry Nilsson, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks and U2. So it was until, in 1989, Iovine created the seal Interscope Records, which revealed big names like Dr. Dre, Eminem and Lady Gaga.

In short: Iovine has music in her vein, and perhaps that can explain her passion when talking about artists and the financial dynamics of the music industry. The executive said he was completely against the idea of ???free music? and wanted people to pay for music content again after years of fighting piracy and free sharing services.

According to him, services such as Spotify or YouTube, which offer access to millions of free songs operating with ads only, are harmful to artists and do not pay them as they should. Iovine said that if Apple Music offered a free version, as its main competitor, it would easily reach 400 million users around the world and would make his job very easy however, this is not the view that he, Cook or Steve Jobs have (or had, in the case of the latter) of a service streaming.

We believe that artists should be paid. that's why I went to Apple. Artists are being hurt. Score. I don't see how anyone could support this. It is our responsibility to change this scenario.

Iovine also stated that ?people who pay for subscriptions must have advantages?, and, in another excerpt, praised Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, saying ?he is doing a fabulous job?, explaining that several of his competitors in the music area they are also your friends and that the music industry, if it wants to survive in this post-Napster world, needs the collaboration of artists and people who own the rights to music.

The full interview can be read on the Music Business Worldwide.

via MacRumors