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iPhone 5s, from 2013, wins champion in comparison of devices up to R $ 1,500 from PROTESTE

The consumer association PROTESTS It is the largest non-profit organization in Brazil dedicated to consumer protection and, as part of this assistance, is dedicated to carrying out extensive tests on products from a multitude of categories to make its recommendations to members.

Recently, the organization carried out a special comparison. Among the more than 90 smartphones tested, he selected 8 of the best-selling brands in Brazil that address the two main requirements of the national market: one, that the devices have the latest generation features and powerful hardware; and two, that the price is relatively affordable, thus excluding the tops of the line that easily reach four or five minimum wages. The models selected by the association revolve in the range of R $ 1,500.

And, among the universe of recent devices from established brands such as Samsung, Motorola and Sony, who has won the title? Yes, himself: the iPhone 5s. Apple's flagship of 2013 was considered the one with the best overall performance and received praise for continuing to receive updates from its manufacturer, in addition to having a good camera and superior call quality. The criticism was due to the 4-inch screen, considered small by most consumers.

iPhone 5s gold

In only one very important aspect, however, the iPhone 5s was dethroned: better cost / benefit. This distinction was Samsung Galaxy J5 Dual, 2016 model that has some aspects missing from the Ma device, such as fast charging and expandable storage. Korean can be bought for around R $ 700, while the cheapest 16GB iPhone 5s can be found for prices around R $ 1,200.

Samsung also had two more models included in the comparison: the A5 Dual 2016, praised for its integration with Samsung Pay, and the J7 Dual 2017, whose screen and battery were praised. Other devices that were present were the ASUS Zenfone 3, O Lenovo Moto G4 Plus, O LG X Power it's the Sony Xperia XA. Everyone gathered praise and criticism, but they were not able to overcome the old man (I can already say old man, right?) IPhone 5s.

And, did you think it was fair?

via Digital Convergence