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iPads are already more used around the world than Linux computers

Linux is far (very far, I would say) from being the least important of the operating systems on the market, but its usage level is relatively low. Proof of this is a recent survey conducted by Royal Pingdom in partnership with StatCounter, showing that, after approximately a year on the market, the iPad has already left the penguin for three.

iPad bigger than Linux on PCs

The research * no * took into account the market share iPhones / iPods touch and has audience numbers belonging to 3 million websites, located in countries like the United States, Holland, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada. Local statistics vary, but on average, the Apple tablet prevailed over Linux.

Consolidating the numbers of the other versions of Windows, the iPad would be the third largest personal computing platform, after Mac OS X. Of course, it is difficult to think of him as a computer, but his individual achievements do not cease to impress.