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iOS 10 is already installed on 14.5% of devices and sees adoption rate higher than iOS 9

Amazing: even with all the problems in the first hour of availability that bricked several iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices around the world, iOS 10 adoption rate already outperforms its two predecessors. Apparently, everyone is running wildly after the new emojis.

IOS 10 Adoption Rate

According to data collected by Mixpanel, at 2 pm today in Brasilia, that is, 24 hours after the release of iOS 10, 14.45% of iDevices they were already running the new version of the system. Also according to the analysis company, in the same period iOS 9 had been installed on 12.6% of devices, and iOS 8 in a similar proportion.

Among the fabulous readers of MacMagazine accessing the website of an iOS device, the rate, as was to be assumed, even higher: in the last 48 hours, 52% of visits came from iOS 9, 45% came from the new iOS 10 and 3% from other versions.

The numbers of iOS 10 will certainly grow even more in the coming days: with the weekend, more people will have time to update their devices, and millions of iPhones 7 and 7 Plus already running the new system will start to be activated, pulling their adoption. for heights.

(via MacRumors)